Legal Highs
Just because something is ‘legal’ doesn’t mean it’s safe!
What are legal highs?
Legal highs, although classified as “legal” are substances that have not been tested and their effects can be dangerous and unpredictable. They contain a range of potentially dangerous chemicals and these “ingredients” can be frequently changed. You can’t tell what’s in a ‘legal high’ just by looking it. Even if you’ve tried them before, you can never be sure what the effects will be.
Why should I worry?
Presented under a variety of names and in a rage of forms including herbal incense, plant food and bath salts, legal highs can affect brain function and behaviour just like any other drug. They contain chemicals that are similar to those found in illegal drugs including amphetamines, MDMA and cannabis. In some cases legal highs contain illegal drugs.
You can never be totally certain what it is you are taking. Different legal highs have different effects on your body and mind. Two people taking the same drug from the same packet can have very different experiences.Taking a legal high can cause all sorts of health problems including:
Racing heart rates
Reduced inhibitions (which could lead to risky behaviour)
Panic and paranoia
Comas and seizures
In the most serious cases taking them can even result in death.
Vital facts to remember
Substances sold as legal highs could actually be illegal, dangerous and linked to organised crime
Legal highs can have an impact on both your health and your future – possession of a controlled drug can lead to a criminal record
What can you do?
If you would like to talk to someone confidentially about ‘legal highs’ or any other substance, contact Young Addaction on 01522 305768.
Don’t use alone, always try to have someone with you who can get help should you become unwell
Don’t mix legal highs with other drugs and alcohol.
Have you ever taken a legal high or know someone who has? Share your experience by completing this national online this survey.