Useful Links

Really Useful Stuff Handbook

This handbook is an excellent information resource that’s designed to help people set up a group, run their organisation, secure funding and ensure groups and organisations stay within the law e.g. the Equalities Act 2010.

National Youth Agency

The NYA is the national body for youth work in England, although our reach and influence stretches across the UK and internationally. We have been transforming lives through youth work for over 50 years.

A Resource for information on new national youth programmes and how to help more young people participate in events in their community.  Hold events on issues affecting young people.

UK Youth

UK Youth is a leading charity that exists to ensure young people are equipped to thrive and empowered to contribute at every stage of their lives. As an organisation, we make certain that the youth sector is strengthened, supported, and that provision is youth-led and informed by high-quality evidence.

National Boys and Girls Clubs

Working together to support youth clubs and activities for young people

Department for Education

Information on Educations, Government papers, Government funding

Volunteers – recruitment and volunteering opportunities

Central site to place a recruitment advertisement for volunteers and also see what volunteering opportunities are available in your area.

National Council for Voluntary Organisations

Specialist teams who provide information, advice and support to others working in or with the voluntary sector

Charity Commission

On line services for charities – e.g. how to register as a charity, Charities Act information, records of charities and support advice for charities

National Council for Voluntary Child Care Services (NCVCCO)

The latest news from Government Departments and Agencies and other organisations and institutions which relates to children, young people and families

Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations (ACEVO)

Help the professional development of voluntary sector organisations including training

Federation for Community Development Learning

Resources on Community Development workshops, training programmes and taster packs

Grantham Autism Information Network

Support and information available to parents and carers of children with autistic spectrum disorders

Involving Lincs 

A consortium of organisations working to support and develop the voluntary, community and social enterprise groups in Lincolnshire.

East Midlands Voluntary Youth (EMVY)

An inclusive and diverse network for the voluntary youth sector, providing strategic support, influence and advocacy at a regional level.