LCVYS is commissioned by Lincolnshire County Council.

  • To apply for the Grant Aid funding you have to be a member of LCVYS to access the application form, go into the ‘members section’ of the website and you will be able to download the form along with the Terms and Conditions.
  • The Scheme is managed by LCVYS on behalf of and in partnership with Lincolnshire County Council Children’s Services Directorate.

Click here to download a Grant Aid Application Form

What is the purpose of the Grant Aid?

  • The purpose of the grant aid is primarily to support youth work undertaken with 11-19 year old’s by voluntary youth groups which provide positive activities and learning outcomes for young people.

Who can apply for the Grant Aid?

  • Your group must be registered with LCVYS in order to bring official recognition of your youth group/organisation by our partner, Lincolnshire Children’s Services. Registration is easy to organise and costs can be deducted from the grant if required.

What are the benefits of registration?

  • If you do decide to register, it enables your group/organisation to benefit from help, advice and information provided by the partnership. It will also be seen as your endorsement and a commitment to LCVYS aims, quality standards and requirements.

How do I register?

  • Registration is by the completion of an annually submitted form which is designed to be compatible with Lincolnshire Children’s Services youth work data base. This will serve to assist Children’s Services to communicate statistical data about youth work to central government and to help highlight the significant work of voluntary youth services provision in Lincolnshire.

What is the registration fee?

Your fee may already be covered already by your umbrella organisation. A schedule of the scale of registration fees for groups and organisations can be provided upon request. Fees are reasonable and revised at LCVYS AGM for approval of the trustees.

For further information please contact:

Frances Porter

LCVYS Development officer;

Email –


Phone– 01522720789

Mobile – 07809464887

 Click here to download a Grant Aid Application Form

What is the criteria for grant aid?

Upon receipt of an application form LCVYS will apply the following criteria:

1. That membership includes a majority of young people aged 11 years up to a maximum of 19 years of age and in approved circumstances up to aged 25.

2. The correct inclusion of data required taken from the document provided with the application form.

3. A particular commitment to recording positive benefit outcomes as defined on the data required document.

Registered Charity number: 1040506

Additional weighting:

Priority will be given to groups/organisations which provide access to youth work provision in deprived areas of Lincolnshire as defined and /or make provision for young people on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. Evening provision is defined as finishing after 1800 hrs.

Level of grant:

The level of grant will be a MAXIMUM of £750 for groups and organisations catering wholly for 11-19 year old’s and it will also be reduced on a pro rata basis for groups straddling this age range.

What can this be applied for?

This broadly includes expenditure for maintenance of property which may be owned by the group/ organisation, reasonable market rent for hired premises, resources and equipment which promote and provide positive activities for members. It can include youth club/group start up costs which can also include the first year’s insurance.

The grant does however exclude insurance costs after the first year start up expenditure, transport costs and consumables such as uniforms and regularly replaceable items of equipment.


Successful applicants must upon receipt of application:

1.   Submit audited accounts for the previous year and at the end of the grant aid year and retain receipts for all expenditure and make these available for inspection if required.

2. Provide evidence that key policies are in place or under development e.g. DBS Checks, Constitution, Child Protection Policy, Health and safety Policy, Equality and Diversity Policy.

3. Agree to be subject to sample auditing of provision and accounts if required to do so.

4. Collect data as requested by Lincolnshire County Council, who are providing for the grant.

5. Provide an evidence trail on which positive activities and benefits to young people through simple recording.

6. Provide and retain a brief annual report of key achievements

Other information;

We are open to grant applications at present. Funds, however, are limited and we will be unable to consider any further applications once the money has been allocated.