Dear Members, Partners and Supporters

If you are reading this, whoever you are you will be on the internet and will by now probably had quite a diet of pandemic bulletins and communications.

For how long this situation will endure we are not sure but what we do know is that those in Community and Voluntary Youth Services have been striving to observe public health guidelines whilst assisting those they know of need in their communities.

UK Guidelines are available on Local and National government websites and we would also commend The World Health Organisations excellent site to which youth workers and others may sign up for training materials, and information.

Together with our associates in (who are working on plant being available to the NHS and others ) we are looking at the avenues of support available to ensure that organisations can stay viable in the period and are only too aware of the additional costs involved in maintaining communication with the young people we serve and in preserving the buildings and plant used in this work which will be needed again and for which members are responsible.

We recognise that maintaining morale and protecting the viability of services is not without cost and that the income loss for many organisations is serious. We therefore would like to reassure you that our listening ear is available and that if you need to telephone or email that messages will be dealt with as soon as possible.

Also we would be pleased to hear of good news stories during this period and publicise any information you wish to promote about your activities via our media. So please send any such items to for action.


Charles W Shaw FRSPH


April 2020


To contact Mrs Frances Carlsen LCVYS Development Officer Tel 07787698274