The Vulnerable Brain

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Every thought, action, decision, behaviour & belief comes from the brain, so if we want to change any of these things, we need to change what is happening in the brain.
This fascinating course explores brain development in childhood, making it easy to understand how young brains develop & grow-and what gets in the way.
You’ll learn about the impact that stress; adversity, including Adverse Childhood Experiences; distress and trauma; all have on the developing brain, even if the child has no memory of this time. You’ll also better understand why many children’s challenges; whether these be learning, behaviour or wellbeing; prevail throughout adolescence-potentially throughout life-even when their ‘past is behind them’.
Despite the imprint that distress, adversity & trauma leave deep in the brain, there is a great deal we can do to support & strengthen the ‘vulnerable’ brain, and this course helps you to work with, not against, that, to nurture young people with a stronger sense of themselves & their place in the world.

It is useful to have completed The Developing Brain course prior to this course, but not essential.