The programme will last for 9 months for those working or volunteering full-time.

The programme may be spread over a period of 9 – 24 months for those working or volunteering part-time.

Level 2/3 Certificate/Diploma in Youth Work Practice is split up into 13 units.  There is an activity and an assignment task, and a set of study materials and associated learning activities with each unit.  In addition, participants have to complete assessed observations and a further assignment linked to their study visits.

Parts of this form are available to be printed and completed by the required personnel, then submitted at a later date through the ‘Upload Documents‘ page, available under the ‘My Account’ drop down menu at the top right of all pages.

Level 2&3 Diploma In Youth Work Practice

    Course & Funding

    Personal Details

    Please note - the information you provide may used in normal checking procedures concerning the possible criminal background (DBS checks) of those who work with children and young people.


    Host Agency or Placement Details

    Host/ Placement Address*


    Current Employment

    Previous Work & Employment

    Include periods of employment, unemployment and full-time domestic involvement in chronological order since leaving school.

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    Education & Training

    School & University

    Please list your secondary school, college and university education.

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    Other Courses & Training

    Please list any additional course or training that you have completed that are relevant to this course.

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    Disclosure of Criminal Record

    Youth and Community workers and community educators are excluded by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (1974) (Exceptions) Order 1975 as amended by the ROA 1974 (Exception) (Amendment) Order 1986 from the right under the Act not to disclose offences which have become 'spent' after specific periods. Participants are therefore required to indicate below any convictions. Bind-over orders or cautions.

    You will need to get a DBS check done through your work placement and provide the LCVYS Training Provider with the details (photo copy of form or registration number). If you already have this you can upload it now. If not you can upload your evidence on the 'Upload Documents' page, located in the 'My Account' menu at the top right of this page.

    Statement In Support Of Your Application

    Within this section, we are interested in learning about what you have to say about yourself in general and your experience. To help you provide the right sort of information, we have set out some headings for you to use. Please ensure that you write something about each of these. We will not consider your application unless this statement is fully completed.

    Working With People

    What abilities do you bring to your work with young people? Do you have any particular strengths or skills? How are you able to relate to young people?

    Thinking About Self

    What are the things about yourself as a worker that please you? Do you have any particular strengths or skills? How are you able to relate to young people?

    Organising & Managing

    What are you like as a manager of your own time and work? Are you able to handle demands put upon you by friends, colleagues, and those whom you work with?

    This Course

    Why are you applying for this course? What do you hope to gain from it? Are there any particular changes that you might need to make to your life if you got on the course?