Young Leaders Programme To Support Emotional Wellbeing

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This programme is designed for young people developing their leadership skills, to help them develop and build upon their knowledge and skills to support other young people with their emotional health and wellbeing.

It helps learners to;

  • Better understand what ‘wellbeing’ is from a young person’s perspective
  • How you can support young people with their wellbeing, and how you can’t, or shouldn’t!
  • Understand LCVYS’s wellbeing resources for young people; “I Can Change My Mind”, and how you can use the different lesson plans and activities within to support young people
  • Find out about other available activities and tools to support young wellbeing
  • Understand what Safeguarding and Child Protection is, and how to apply it
  • Understand what ‘Reflective Practice’ is, and its potential role within youth work, or similar roles

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Introduction to Wellbeing

An exploration of what 'wellbeing' is; what it means to be and emotionally healthy young person, and how, whether healthy or unhealthy, wellbeing can affect every aspect of life across the whole lifespan.


Mini-Workshop Programme

A series of six shorter workshops, exploring six of the lesson plans and/or activities within "I Can Change My Mind", familiarising you with how they work, how they address specific issues that may affect young people you support, and how to adapt to the activities to best meet their needs.


Reflective Practice

An introduction to 'Reflective Practice'; What this is, how it works, and the role it can play in supporting your personal and professional development, especially when working in professions, such as youth work, where you need to continually refine your practice.


Other Lessons